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!!! PUPPIES !!! Shadwell litter "D" !!!
We have Irish Setter Puppies for Sale, born 27 of March 2008. Inquires Welcome!
Irish Setter' Puppies

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Great news! 27 of March 2008 SHadwell "D" litter was born !!!
7 handsome boys and 1 beautiful girl !!!
Shadwell litter "D"

Scirocco's Randy the Red Destiny
Russian Champion
Shadwell A Taste of Honey

Irish Setter Puppies Shadwell Kennel

Puppie's Page. New Puppies Photos. 1 MONTH OLD !!!

Shadwell Dan Liri, 6 weeks
ow. Solovieva Е.

Shadwell Darlington, 6 weeks
ow. Vighunova Т.L.

Shadwell Dublin Maverick, 6 weeks
ow. Vazhenin D.

Shadwell Dublin Maverick

Happy Birthday to our Puppies from litter "C"!!!
30.06.08 they are 2 Years Old now.

Happy Mother Pendledell Anise

Happy Father Scirocco's Phil the Red Destiny

Shadwell Chloe
Shadwell Chloe on CAC Show Detmold-Remmighausen 29.06.08 got BEST OF BREED!
Our congratulations to Petra and Karl-Werner Legner (Scirocco's Kennel)!

Alli childhood

Alli and Kimmo

Winter time in Finland...

Shadwell Cacharel Anais. Owners Minna и Kimmo Autio. Finland
Shadwell Calvin Klein. Owner Elena Petrova
We didn't do a lot with Kesha during 2 years. But got 2 FT Diplomas last Autumn ...
Shadwell Cerutti Amber, ow. Smolina Natalia
I'm so young. But so handsome!....:)

Our congratulations to Scirocco's Randy the Red Destiny and Marina Bulygina with lucky start of Randy' Show Carreer!
On Wholerussian Dog Show at 5.04.08 he got САС, BOB and BIG III.

Our best wishes and congratulations to our girl Shadwell Absolutelly All My Loving (Lena)
and to her owner Zbigniew Dzionek, Poland,
with getting a title

Our congratulation to Troy (Scirocco's Phil the Red Destiny x Shadwell A Taste of Honey)
and to his owner Gennady Charcot with Double wins in 2 CAC Whole Russian Shows in his class. He got 2 CAC'.

Our lovely Shadwell Cacharel Anais moved to her new home to Finland.
Her owners Minna и Kimmo Autio. Our best wishes to new Alli' family

We are very glad for our girl SHADWELL CHLOE
now she lives in Germany
Her new home - Scirocco's Kennel
Her new owners - Petra and Karl-Werner Legner

ALready in Germany with joung handler Pascal :)

Shadwell Absolutelly All My Loving
5th place at Champion Class with 18 competitors in Class
at World Winner Dog Show in Poznan, Polland
Our Puppies. Shadwell. Litter "А"

Shadwell Across The Universe (Stiv)
Owners Alexander and Tatiana Vasilchenko
Multi Group Winner. Best in Show II and Champion of Russia

Shadwell Absolutely All My Loving (Lena)
Owner Zbigniew Dzionek, Poland.
Champion of Poland !!!
Сайт Питомника Zorszaku Chrobrego

Shadwell Any Time At All (Archy)
Owner Olga Egarova
Champion of Russia
Archy Show results: 3 BIG 1, 4 САС, res.CACIB.

Shadwell A Taste of Honey (Honey)
Owner Marina Bulygina
Champion of Russia!
Honey show results: CACIB, 4 CAC

Shadwell Another Girl (Russa)
Owner Natalia Yakunina
Chmpion of Russia.
FT qualified
Russa' Web Page on Natalia Yakunina web site

Shadwell Ain't She Sweet (Melissa)
Owner Elena Tasina
Melissa win the Group on CAC dog show at 12.11.05

Our Puppies. Shadwell. Litter "B"

Shadwell Bogemian Rhapsody
Owner Elena Egorova
Champion of Russia!

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Gentle, drawing by Lera Belova, 8 y.o. Phil, drawing by Lera Belova, 8 y.o. Tom Tom, drawing by Lera Belova, 8 y.o.
The author of these pictures is Lera Belova, 8 years old


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